Webcast (Simulcast) Auctions

Webcast auctions allow internet bidders to bid in real time against floor bidders. To facilitate this process a clerk from your company operates our webcast interface relaying what lot(s) are up for bid, what the current high bid is, what the current ask amount is, etc. Don't worry, we've spent hundreds of man hours fine-tuning the interface so that it's as easy as possible. We can get someone trained and going in 15 minutes or less.

More on Webcast Auctions
  • You can sell one lot at a time or offer multiple lots via choice. You can also group lots together, however, grouping does negate any prebids.
  • Prebidding on each lot is open until it goes live. As such, prebids do not get downloaded into Auction Flex and any absentee bids you enter into Auction Flex do not get uploaded to HiBid. This means you are in charge of executing your "floor" absentee bids and HiBid will automatically execute all internet prebids.
  • Bidder permissions carry over into webcast. If your default bidder permission is $2,000 and a bidder tries to bid over $2,000 for a lot during webcast, that bidder will not be able to bid; instead a pending bidder permission will be created. Please consider the bidder permission settings in auction upload accordingly.
  • Audio/video broadcasting is built right in and is included in the price.

Click here to watch our webcast demo video.

Click here to watch our webcast choice/group quick demo video.


The screenshots below are of HiBid responsive which is currently in beta.

Webcast for the Bidder (desktop)
Webcast for the bidder (smartphone)
Lot Detail Lot Detail
Webcast choice (desktop)
Webcast Choice (smartphone)
Lot Detail Lot Detail