Internet-Only Auctions

In an Internet-Only Auction you never actually conduct a live auction. The advantage of an internet-only auction is that the overhead of auction day is avoided, yet we can still bring certain "live auction" elements to the online bidding experience.

Internet-Only auction options include:

  • Stagger Close - each lot can be set to close any number of seconds after the previous lot. You can also set the stagger to be variable so that there is more time between the bigger money lots, and less time between the lower value lots.
  • Soft Close - if there is a bid in the last 3 minutes the bidding on that lot can be extended by another 3 minutes. You control this setting so you could make it anywhere from 1 minute to 999 minutes.
  • Soft Close Grouping - You can group together lots so that if any lot of the group has its bidding extended by a soft close, all the other lots in that group will have their bidding extended too.

Internet-Only features include:

  • Live Catalog - this is a special tile based view that becomes available when the first lot of an auction is within 30 minutes of closing. The tiles are "live" meaning that they are receiving real-time updates. The times counts down, new bids & bid amounts get updated, the bidder's status updates (winning/losing), all without any manual refreshing.
Live Catalog
Live Catalog for Internet-Only Auctions  
This screen is "live"; your bidders
do not have to refresh the page.
All bids, time left, etc.
update in real-time.
Winning lots have a green background.
Losing lots have a red background.
Watched lots have a blue border.
Bidders love this screen!